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Megan A. Mitchell

Woodale High School

5151 Scottsdale Ave

Memphis, Tn 38118


Tutoring Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30-3:30

901-416-2440 ext 61627


To parents, students, and community stakeholders:

Welcome class of 2012! In English IV this year, students will cover several different types of texts and explore areas of literature from the Anglo-Saxons to Modern Day in British Literature. Student will also complete a capstone project (for more details, go to including research, a ten page research paper, and a product. ThinkShow! this year will only be held once, which is Thursday, March 1, 2001. Will this new (and closer!) date than years past, students will be expected to complete the research and essay components of their projects before Christmas Break. Products will be completed during the months of January and February. Deadlines and other forms will be posted at a later date.