Course Syllabus

 Below is a tentative syllabus for the four nine weeks of the 2011-2012 school year

First Nine Weeks

Second Nine Weeks

  1. Intro to the Class; Writing and Literature

1. Intro to Poetry: Renaissance poetry

  1. Writing Workshop: College Essay

2. Poetry Unit: Sonnet Writing

  1. Intro to Beowulf; The Anglo Saxons; Kennings; What is a Hero?

3. Capstone Research (Writer’s Choice Unit 7); The Rough Draft

  1. Beowulf

4. Intro to Macbeth; Act I

  1. Beowulf

5. Macbeth, Acts II-III

  1. Intro to Capstone Research: Topic Scavenger Hunt; Thesis, Questions, and Bibliography

6. Macbeth, Act IV

  1. Capstone Research: Research Notes

7. Macbeth, Act V; Timeline and Final Project

  1. The Middle Ages: The Canterbury Tales and Ballads.

8. Closing Macbeth

  1. Project; Review and Exam

9. Capstone Research: The Final Essay
















Third Nine Weeks

Fourth Nine Weeks

  1. The Restoration period; Intro to Satire: A Modest Poposal.

1. Frankenstein: Ch 16-24

  1. Intro to the Romantic period; Poetry: William Blake.  Intro to Mary Shelley & Frankenstein

2. Frankenstein: The end. Final Project.

  1. Frankenstein: Letters to Ch 4

3. Introduction to the Victorian Period

  1. Frankenstein: Ch 5-10

4. Introduction to the Modern period; Lady Shallot, To An Athlete Dying Young, My last Duchess

  1. Frankenstein: Ch 10-16; Capstone – The Product

5. War Poems; The Second Coming; Araby

  1. Capstone Presentation Outlines. Final Project.

6. Women and the World; The Doll’s House; Shakespeare’s Sister.

  1. Practice Presentations in class.

7. Review and Exam

  1. Capstone Research; Products


  1. Capstone Products/Presentations